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Creating a Rock-Solid Brand Identity for a Coffee Shop

Since coffee is one of the most beloved drinks in the world, it has an enormous impact on our lives.

Considering such high popularity of coffee, it is no wonder that coffee shops are among the most lucrative global businesses.

For instance, Starbucks and Costa Coffee are equally popular as McDonalds or KFC and present throughout the world. However, this does not mean that you cannot start your own coffee shop and make it a real brand.

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Get to know your guests

Although an outsider might think that every diner, coffeehouse and lounge bar functions in a similar way, the truth is completely different. While both diners and lounge bars usually offer coffee on their menus, serving this magic drink is not their main purpose.

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Coffee shops, on the other side, base their entire business strategy on coffee and all the little rituals that go with it. Therefore, the first thing a potential coffee shop owner needs to do it so know who they are aiming at.

Special coffee packages

study conducted by The National Coffee Association in 2010 showed that about 65% of Americans drink their coffee with breakfast. This information can determine the entire customer-aiming strategy of a new coffee shop owner.

If you want your potential customers to include your coffee place to their regular routine, you must call them to action when they need you most – in the morning. The first thing to achieve that goal is to go with a happy hour offer. You can try several different periods of time and see which one will work best for your coffee shop.

Secondly, include a special offer with that morning coffee, such as a free juice or soda, as well as a sandwich or a salad at a lower price. When your occasional visitors get used to starting their day with your special morning coffee packages, they will become your regular guests.

Friendly interior arrangement

In addition to food and drink specials, interior design is the third key feature for attracting guests to a newly opened coffeehouse. For starters, the most important thing is to take safe steps when it comes to interior decoration.

It is recommended to go with some quality cafe furniture pieces and ensure a cozy ambient. Also, the more wooden pieces you bring into your coffee whoop, the better impression it will leave on your guests.

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Creating the Coffee Shop Brand Experience: A Designer’s

So, what makes us (or you) choose one brand’s coffee shop over another? And how can we as designers use our professional and personal.

In addition, it is always useful to decorate the walls with some vintage images, as well as older equipment, such as a jukebox. By giving your coffee shop that touch of vintage interior, you will earn more points from your customers.

Commercial appeal

Now that you have made your coffeehouse a warmly decorated, vintage-like place that offers tasty happy hour coffee packages, it is time to add some commercial appeal to it. For instance, you could put coffee display racks in several places inside the shop.

Also, placing the right assortment of fine coffee products on a rack near the bar is a great way to wisely persuade your guests to make some additional purchases. Of course, this means that you should also add selling roast and ground coffee brands to your services.

When the guests see that you are trying to give them a chance to try as many exquisite coffee brands as possible, they will spread the word about your coffee place.

Making your coffee place a well-known and popular coffee shop is a long-lasting and demanding process. However, with the right approach to your potential guests and visually appealing interior design, it is possible to become a local coffeehouse brand.

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