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Olevs Watches

Watches have lost their purpose with the emergence of phones.

The only reason, one would have a phone and still wear a watch is to create an impression, that is, for the purpose of appearing sophisticated. However, achieving and maintaining a sophisticated look is not as easy as it may seem.

One needs to ensure that every piece of cloth, make up and accessory match. One of the place that most people fail is when it comes to accessories. But with a wooden watches, you can never go wrong.

Olevs watches make a statement of elegance.

They expel a sense of boldness in the people wearing them as they portray them to be people without fear of trying extraordinary things.

This makes you stand out from the rest of watch wearers used to only wearing plastic, leather and metallic watches. Also, unlike watches made from other materials such as metal, wooden watches do not react with the environment causing allergic reactions.

With a wooden watch, you do not have to worry about them getting worn and torn as the years go. This is unlike plastic and metallic watches, especially the gold or silver coated ones. Just like fine wine, as wood ages it appearance improves instead of deteriorating.

Therefore, as time passes so, your Olevs watch looks better and better.

However, as one is purchasing wooden watches, one should not just pick blindly. There are so many factors that one needs to consider before buying a wooden watch. And, Bewell watches encompass all these qualities of a good wooden watch.

Bewell watches are very comfortable, and this quality is a must have in watches. These is because the wood material used in their manufacturing is very light. Therefore one is able to rock one piece of watch every day without tiring.

Also, the wood will not burn or freeze your skin when temperatures change.

Another benefit of Bewell watches is that they come in a variety of colors and design and hence you can opt for whatever design or color you want. Aside from that, just one watch can be won with various outfits and complement them.

Olevsn watches are manufactured in a manner that conserves the environment.

Most of the wooden watches are made from scarp wood so as to ensure no trees are cut for the purpose of making them.

Also, their packaging is made from recycled materials hence help in reducing waste dumped. In addition the wooden watches use no battery, this is important in conserving minerals used in the manufacture of watch batteries.

By rocking an Olevs watch, you can be sure that no one else will be wearing the same exact piece. Beside, no piece of wood will be 100% similar to the next, meaning that every watch is different from the rest. Additionally, only Bewell is able to manufacture wooden watches from bamboo.

Olevs watches are not only meant for watch lovers.

They can also be purchased by sellers in the watch business.

The advantage of stocking watches is that, Olevs will custom brand them for you if you need it.

On purchasing a Olevs watch, it is important that you know how to care for them so that they are always in good shape. First, ensure that you avoid indulging in water activities while wearing them as wood tends to dry if exposed to salty water.

Also, once in a while apply some oil on the watch. The purpose of this is to lock in the wood’s moisture and keep it sleek.