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Selling coffee in Japan is an important part of any business.

Whether you own a café or a supermarket, coffee can bring in a tremendous amount of revenue. When you make money by selling coffee, this is called a profit. You then take that extra income and deposit it in the bank.

There are various types of coffee you can serve to your Japanese customers. Some of which include expresso, instant coffee OEM (インスタントコーヒー oem) and cappuccino. It takes talent to formulate the perfect cup of java. Once you have the process figured out, word will spread, and people will start to visit.

Another great option to generate revenue is to sell coffee OEM (コーヒーOEM).


This is the business model where you buy unbranded coffee and adhere your own label to the bag.

Now you are selling your own unique brand of coffee. You do not need to worry about the growing, grinding, roasting, and packaging. The only necessary requirement is to purchase the coffee bags in bulk, then transport them to your store or café.

One of the largest cities in Japan is Yokohama. Selling coffee at wholesale prices is becoming more and more popular throughout the city. Japanese people love coffee. Becoming a Yokohama coffee wholesaler (横浜珈琲問屋) is a perfect opportunity if you want to start your own business.

You can get to Yokohama by airplane, train or even by car.

You will notice the buildings and skyline as soon as you get close to the city. It is beautiful!

Now, let’s talk about private label coffee, or コーヒーOEM.

Just like instant coffee, OEM is making a package of coffee your own product. It is usually beans or ground. The most amazing advantage to OEM is the ability to place these custom designed packages on the shelves of your store.

The best way to prepare your coffee is by using a standard coffee machine.

Another great process is by using a cold press. There is an art to brew a great cup of coffee, so take your time and practice. Make sure to buy some extra OEM coffee so you can experiment.

Remember to do your research before you become a Yokohama coffee wholesaler (横浜珈琲問屋). It is a fun and exciting way to become prosperous if you do it correctly. Many businesses fail because they do not have enough knowledge. Do it right from the start, and it will pay off.